Slam Gee Apologies to his fans for not dropping the album.

Apology for not dropping Album this year Slam Gee Mr Nice Guy says to the funs he will drop Ep ,, Good Things Take Time,,

Rapper and former member of Ndise Tiliko group Slam Gee has apologized for continuing his solo music career and releasing his first full-length album last week, despite dealing with an ongoing case on challenging use allegations that he has been facing since 2021

“We apologize for releasing a new album amid the unpleasant issues revolving around the artist,” the agency said. “Our company and the artist admitted to past and know that we can’t change what has already happened. But we have been seeking ways for him to become a better and more valuable person to the world

After quitting the band following the scandal, he founded his own LABEL under the agency in 2017 and became the executive C,E,O of Ndise Tiliko. He made his solo debut in March with an EP, which was followed by the full-length album this month.

The agency explained that the singer wished to use his influence as a Hip-pop star to “add value to society,” rather than entering a hiatus. N.T donated the March proceeds of his debut album after realizing how music can “contribute to society,” it said.

“With this mindset, the artist presented a new work to show the music he has been preparing,” the agency said. “Our company will stand by the artist who is reflecting on his past to help him become a mature, upstanding member of society.”

Instead of dropping the album ,,Destiny,, he will drop the Ep called Good Things Take Time.

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