Zambia’s Youngest International Video Grapher – Lanzee Cooper

lanzee Cooper is the youngest video creative in Zambia, he is the founder of Cooper shots and has a team of professionals working with him. He evidently has one of the best quality visuals that make him stand out. He has impressive visuals and is a welcomed addition to international recognition. Lanzee Cooper also ensues vocal recordings and has notable bangers, these celebrated hits are not mere achievements but powerful invitations to the deeper artistry lanzee offers. He’s one of the most branded creatives, branding is a result of consistency plus limitation. His digital footprint is amazing, he only portrays his craft to the mass and nothing else. He’s a definition of excellence in his area of expertise. Lanzee has found his niche, he has been dispositioned to succeed in this spectrum. He is innovative, he has studied the current dynamic, and he is a step ahead. His visuals will leave your mind spinned with awe to the visuals he presents. Lanzee Cooper is sharp, well-spoken with the potential to wow the world with his work, intellect, and presence. He has a great future, a great story to tell, and the charm to pull crowds. He has a deep and cutting-edge insight into anything and everything. Lanzee is evidently one of the best in form visual directors in the country, he recently shot two buzzing videos, Towela Kaira’s Lit Manana featuring Jemax and Kanina Kandalama’s Vibes on Vibes which are doing overwhelmingly well on YouTube.
The least we can do is support Lanzee Cooper which would epitomize the Zambian visual fraternity as well as music. Lanzee Cooper, the international director.

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